Webinars can be interactive, engaging, and worth paying for! There are a number of options to make your webinars a great learning experience for your attendees, leaving them with a deeper sense of connection with the content and your organization.

  • Challenge your attendees – they’ll get more out of the webinar if they are asked to participate and prepare. Deepen the learning process by expecting more and presenting at a higher level. Send them articles to read and videos to watch ahead of time, letting them know the benefits of preparation. You can also send out surveys prior to the event to get questions in advance, which can help you customize the webinar for your audience;
  • have hosts and multiple speakers – having more speakers will offer different kinds of information – different viewpoints, presentation styles, and voices. Having a host, co-host, or different guest speakers can help you break up the uniformity the only having one voice offers;
  • adding videos – videos will cover information and also add variance to the presentation. Using videos strategically throughout your session can help emphasize points, drive discussions, and re-engage an audience;
  • add interactions – incorporate polls and Q&A. These, along with texted questions and comments, can be handled and presented by the moderator. A writing exercise – such as “Write down 3 things that have caused problems with this (topic) in the past. Take 2–3 minutes, and actually write it down.” – ask for thought and activity from your attendees;
  • create a micro-community – give attendees the opportunity to connect with each other, whether due to geography, shared interests, etc.
  • follow-up – make it easy for your attendees to continue the conversation, whether through your website, Facebook page, etc.