Cloud-based project management software is designed to coordinate the planning, collaborating, monitoring, and delivering of a project amongst the team. It has become all the more useful as many companies and organizations switch to remote work.

Cloud-based project management software has a number of advantages:

  • You can easily access information and communication channels without the need to be linked to a particular server at your workplace or be using any specific platform, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.;
  • It’s easy for your team to use as it doesn’t require special training, extra tools, or installations;
  • It provides a centralized place for communication and document sharing, eliminating the need for emails being sent back and forth;
  • Many software vendors include security measures such as data segregation and SSL certificates; and,
  • Almost 100% of online cloud-based project management software vendors provide free 30 day trials for the product and pricing plans are flexible.

Some of the more popular cloud-based project management software packages you might wish to look at are:

  • ProofHub – a scalable solution that comes with integrated one-on-one/group chat, quick discussions, workflows, and kanban boards, custom reports, custom roles, centralized files, notes, Gantt charts, proofing, timesheets, timers, and many more features;
  • Clarizen can be easily configured for your needs, and reconfigured at any time without costly customization. It automatically prioritizes projects, tasks, resources, budgets, and portfolios so that key resources and information are managed appropriately during the work process. Templates, personal calendars, project portfolio management, workflows, dashboards, approval processes, and version control are also included. Clarizen offers two priced editions at $45/user/month or $60/user/month;
  • Wrike includes features such as task management, task prioritization, real-time newsfeed, Gantt chart, and workload management. It works for both distributed and co-located teams. Wrike offers a free package for up to 5 users, and it’s paid packages start at $9.80user/month; and,
  • ProjectManager focuses on the three major parts of the project management process—planning, monitoring, and reporting. It also offers advanced add-on features such as real-time dashboards, automated emails, and quick report generation.