Online product launch events can have the advantages of reaching a large audience and also providing  data to help your sales and marketing team.

As the event is online, social media is one of the best ways to get in front of your audience and begin to engage with them. A number of options are available to you to start this campaign. Partnering with current clients and associates can extend your audience reach. Running a contest on social media can be used to encourage people to use your event hashtag – or run a referral contest, with a prize to those who refer the most contacts. 

The scheduling of your product launch event is crucial. Be sure your event doesn’t clash with a larger competitor’s event taking place. Market research has shown that a product launch event should take place two weeks before your product is released to create anticipation and social postings about your product. 

Virtual desk-side meetings can be successfully used for one-on-one meetings between potential customers, tech journalists, etc. and your sales/marketing team. With no travel time involved, your team will be able to meet with far more people than they would if in person.

Follow-up is a vital part of the online product launch event. The relationships you’ve created during the campaign need to be nurtured. A drip campaign – sending automatic emails to your leads – will keep your new product in front of them. Send “thank you” emails to all participants and “sorry we missed you” emails to those who registered, but didn’t participate. Use surveys to receive feedback from your participants, and use that feedback to improve your next event. You can also set up a post-event page with information about your launch event and positive product reviews you’ve received.