Much of the advice for job seekers at career fairs equally applies to virtual fair attendees, but there are extra steps you can take to professionally navigate the digital event.

Once registered, carefully complete your profile in advance. Your profile will usually ask for biographical details, education, work experience, hobbies, and languages. You may be asked to upload your CV and have the option to also upload photos, videos, written work, etc. Organizations may review these profiles in advance, and will certainly access them if you apply for a position. A complete and comprehensive profile gives you the best chance of being noticed; 

Be sure to test your technology before the fair. Make sure your device is fully charged, your internet connection strong, that you’re familiar with the event platform and can log on, and test your webcam and microphone to be sure you’re ready for a call with a potential employer. Having a back-up internet option is a good idea.

Plan your day! Look at the employers who are attending before the event and decide who you want to speak with. Do your research and have a good idea what position you are seeking with them, along with a list of questions you’d like to ask.

When you enter the virtual job fair, take some time to familiarise yourself with the platform, including the layout and how to navigate your way around it. Check out opportunities for attending workshops, webinars, and live sessions.

Act in the virtual world as you would in the real world. 

Give the fair your undivided attention, dress accordingly, sit at a desk with a professional backdrop, lock your family and pets in the basement (wink), and have your research notes at hand. If you need to review what appropriate backgrounds are best for virtual communication, see our article: Improve Your Online Presence .