The Air Force Research Laboratory Sensors Directorate Learning Office recently partnered with the Wright-Patterson Education and Training office to provide the remote course, “Emotional Intelligence – A Different Way of Being Smart.”

“We, as Education and Training, are now offering select courses virtually through Commercial Virtual Remote Teams,” said Willie L. Reese, Jr., WPAFB training delivery chief. “Keeping yourself motivated and finding new ways to learn vital skills can make the eventual return to the office environment smoother or open doors to new opportunities down the road.”

The course was originally intended to be live as part of the “Lunch and Learn” menu of classes designed for personnel interested in building skills to help them advance professionally and grow personally, but was cancelled due to Covid-19 concerns. Organizers state that the virtual learning environment allowed for more employees to attend than originally planned.

“We can use this time as an opportunity to learn new material and further our professional development,” said Cynthia Patterson, a training instructor with the WPAFB Education and Training office. “This is one thing that we do have control over – development and continued learning.”

Employees were appreciative of the chance to continue their professional development.

“Our Learning Office reached out to the training sponsors and asked to explore alternative options to deliver the course, and they agreed to work with us,” said Buffy Greene, a Sensors Directorate employee that attended the course. “I really appreciated taking part in the Emotional Intelligence course virtually. I look forward to taking additional courses this way as well.”