Once you have used your lead scoring process to find qualified prospects, you can set up a specific marketing campaign to nurture these leads.

Many organizations will have an automated alert email system via integration between the virtual event platform and the CRM system that will send basic information about the lead to the sales/service team. This email alert can include information about the specific triggers from the virtual event that designated the prospect as qualified.

Contacts with the prospects can be enhanced with virtual event attendee data so that they relate directly to the content consumed at the event. After creating multiple emails with targeted content, you can create multiple lists of attendees that fit specific sub-groups, level of qualification, or product interest. The more specific you make these emails, the better the results. Studies have shown that the more personalized your subject line and messaging for the targeted contact, the better the conversion rate.

Immediate follow-up is far more effective than contacting prospects the day after the event. With real-time information, you can place prospects on email nurture tracks immediately, and create omni-channel campaigns that are triggered by virtual event attendee interactions.

Traditional text-based content can be supplemented with links to relevant webinars, any sub-groups you have created that combine attendees with specific interest, geographic area, etc, and any other video content that may be of interest to the prospect.

Scaling up personalization to streamline the sales cycle involves using the most appropriate channels for delivering the perfect message to your prospects at the right time.