Virtual fundraising events are essential these days when many in-person fundraisers have been cancelled. Consider customizing some of these virtual fundraising ideas for your organization:

  • Virtual Concert – bring musicians together and host a concert or a mini-festival. Choose a theme – jazz, Christmas music, etc. – and musicians who support your cause. Tickets can be sold for a live-streamed concert;
  • Gala Dinner – ship each attendee a gift box including party hats, decorations, and food and drink. There are many catering companies available to provide this service;
  • Online Auction – can be run in a similar manner to a silent auction with the items up for bid shown on a dedicated page. OneCause and Handbid are examples of online tools that can help you manage your auction. Winners can be announced at one of the other virtual events held – such as at a live stream concert, webinar, or gala dinner;
  • Virtual Race – works just like in-person racing events, but they allow participants to join in on their own. They can be walk-a-thons, marathons, dance-a-thons, or ride-a-thons. Ask participants to donate in proportion to how many miles they’ve walked or how many hours they’ve done an activity. Encourage them to send in pictures or videos you can share on social media;
  • Online Pub Quiz – choose a quiz theme that relates to your organization. Sell tickets and run the quiz weekly to generate a flow of funds. Local businesses can offer prizes;
  • Game Night – choose a multiplayer online game – such as bingo, trivia, etc. – and design a gaming tournament;
  • Virtual Class or Workshop – classes can be tailored to your organization, and could be cooking, meditation, exercise, crafts, and more; and,
  • Webinar or Talk – host a webinar featuring speakers, experts, or community leaders, and charge a small fee for attendance.

Please see our other articles discussing virtual event platforms and tools available for nonprofits.