A number of companies are sharing free templates that can be used in organizing and running a virtual or hybrid event.

Freeman, an event management company, has created a free, downloadable request-for-proposal (RFP) template to help companies and organizations choose the best virtual events platform for their needs. The company states that the RFP process is quite different from that of a real-world event .

“…you can’t just take your existing RFP template and add the word ‘virtual’. You’ll miss a lot of critical technical considerations. And with new companies appearing every day, the process becomes more confusing.”

The template contains:

  • questions to ask the virtual platform provider – including basic vendor information, an overview of the platform, technical considerations, sponsorship options, attendee engagement, educational services, and analytical reporting capabilities;
  • a vendor comparison grid to track the responses; and,
  • a stakeholder input grid to score the competing companies.

Gremlin, a global events and field marketing company, created a run of show template that breaks down the full flow of the day for every team member. They used this in a dry run to ensure things went as smoothly as possible during the actual event. They also have a Crash Plan template in case things do not go smoothly – which includes who would make the call to pivot, how they would announce changes to attendees, and how they would communicate internally and to speakers.

The Event Leadership Institute provides The Essential Checklist for Virtual Event Planning which breaks down planning and organizational tasks over time – starting 3 months prior to the event.

EventCreate has free templates for virtual event websites and invitations, which are designed for private events such as weddings, workshops, and conferences.