Food and drink make up the standard backdrop to socializing and making connections at real-life events, and there are ways to emulate this experience in the virtual world. Event organizers can save a great deal on the costs of catering while still providing an enjoyable and worthwhile experience for their attendees. Offering activities with food and drink can aid in team building, attendee engagement, and in strengthening ties with partners and clients.

  • Cocktail kits featuring spirits, mixes and garnishes ingredients can be shipped to attendees. Everyone can participate in a mini-lesson led by an expert mixologist and then break off into smaller groups to socialise. Be sure to provide nonalcoholic versions;
  • Ship attendees a customized treat box full of snacks. The boxes can be customized to suit your theme – for example, if you usually meet in New Orleans, Cajun treats would be a great idea;
  • Virtual cooking classes can be offered with special ingredients and a basic shopping list shipped ahead of time;
  • Many virtual wine or beer tastings are free to join, and some ship a selection of beverages to your attendees as part of the package. Most offer appetizers to be paired with the drinks;
  • Some city tasting tours offer dinner for two from 3 or 4 different restaurants, show stories of restaurateurs and their cuisines via video link, and have a guide leading you around the sites a city has to offer. This is not only enjoyable for attendees, it also helps support local businesses who have been hard hit recently; and,
  • Selections of cheeses can be delivered, with a virtual fromage expert to guide the class.