Whether you are hosting a hybrid event or holding a weekly sales meeting with all your branch offices, it’s important to ensure that your virtual attendees feel that they are full participants. There are a number of ways this can be accomplished:

  • Make sure attendee profiles are highly visible and accessible. Encourage attendees to fill in their profile information so they can be seen and known by other attendees.
  • Consider having two MC’s – one live and at least one virtual. One virtual moderator can be dedicated to responding to comments in live chat, while the other serves as the on-camera host – introducing session transitions, making announcements, etc.
  • Recognize attendees on camera – have your host greet attendees by name when they are speaking so that they feel validated. If possible, mention where they are from and how they fit into the organization.
  • As an added bonus, your virtual audience can be given content that the on-site people don’t have – ebooks, worksheets, templates, or access to private meetings with the speakers.
  • Remember that you have an international audience from different time zones, so use more general terms when referring to meal breaks, etc.
  • Virtual city or site tours can mimic the real-life side events. Some live attendees may prefer to take advantage of attending a virtual tour, either during or after the event.
  • If you are hosting after-hours activities, consider how virtual attendees can participate. Coupons for free beer or wine to enjoy at home during the live-event cocktail hour will be appreciated!