EventMB Studio has a free Virtual Event Tech Guide for 2021 available for download – a comprehensive breakdown of the latest features in virtual event technology.

It covers a number of issues facing event planners, including :

  • 8 key planner trends gathered from over 2,000 survey responses received over the last year. These include: the continuing pivot to holding virtual over live events; the increased success and reach of virtual events; the ongoing challenge of engagement and the costs associated with holding virtual events; and, a growing comfort with the new technologies;
  • Interviews with eight industry leaders in event tech where they share their insights on the future of virtual event technology and how to hold a successful virtual event; 
  • The virtual events tech landscape – an overview that includes 102 virtual event tech providers across the globe; 
  • A feature and market analysis – with company demographics and primary audience, pricing models, technical specifications, payment processing,  data security and privacy specs, customer support, features and integrations, etc.; and,
  • A glossary of terms used in the virtual/hybrid event community.

The report particularly notes that virtual event tech platforms are continuously working to improve networking and community opportunities and standards. Significant improvements have been made in features that optimize networking in the virtual world, including 1-1 meeting scheduling, private video chat, and smart matchmaking.