Forsythe County in the state of Georgia held its first virtual job fair in February of this year. They were pleased to receive more than 1,200 visitors from around the world.

The district’s Human Resources department chose to use vFairs – a virtual and hybrid events platform – to host the event. vFairs job fair platform allowed them to create customized booths, and included a resume database, where applications could be reviewed and then interviews scheduled directly on the platform. Presenters could communicate with attendees in one-on-one chats using audio, text, or video.

Attendees visited a virtual conference hall, where they watched videos from HR representatives, a county superintendent, and the chair of the county’s Board of Education. An exhibit hall had virtual booths for each school in the county where interested individuals could meet with the administrators. The event included information about the county, which was helpful to applicants from out-of-state and overseas.

Event administrators enjoyed using the format, and felt the platform was easy to use. They were impressed with the ability to meet with a more diverse population of applicants than would normally be the case in real-life. The human resources department is considering continuing with a virtual event in the future, possibly scheduled to coincide with an in-person job fair.

“One of the things that we said was think about all of those people around the country who might want to come and interview with us, but they can’t hop on a plane, get here and do that,” director of human resources, Dr. Beth Hebert, said. “So this is a good way to do at least a first connection, but with the video chats, you can do a full interview.”