There are a number of free online tools available that can make it easier to facilitate meetings and to conduct workshops. Most of us are familiar with free cloud storage – such as Dropbox or Google Drive – and free video conferencing – such as Zoom and Skype – but there is much more available that can be of use in organizing and running virtual meetings.

In no particular order, some of these free tools include:

  • Google Forms – these include templates for event registration, event feedback, find a time, course evaluations, and much more;
  • Typeform – has a paid version which adds extra features, but the free version has unlimited surveys with a maximum of 10 questions and 100 responses. It includes templates for event registration, an event lead capture form, post event survey, etc.;
  • Miro (formerly Realtimeboard): an online whiteboard – the free version offers up to 3 editable boards and numerous templates;
  • Stormboard – this online whiteboard has 5 boards with a maximum of 5 collaborators for each at no cost. It integrates with MS Office;
  • Trello – a free task management software tool that offers a flexible and visual way to organize one or multiple projects;
  • Todoist – of particular use for meeting planners, this free software lets you compile tasks and subtasks into simple lists, records scheduling, and tracks your progress over time;
  • Asana is an intuitive task-management system with a basic version that’s free for up to 15 users. It includes unlimited tasks and projects;
  • SessionLab – an online workshop planner tool offering 10 free session plans and access to their extensive public library of workshop activities;
  • Mentimeter -an engagement tool that allows you to create questions in their web application, with participants able to answer them from their mobile devices. The free version allows you to create two polls and five quiz questions per presentation;
  • – also offers participant polling and a mobile app for your participants. The free version allows you to have 3 polls per event.