It’s surprisingly easy to hire a celebrity to make an appearance in your virtual event! There are companies specializing in offering celebrities for video clips, live streaming videos, direct chat questions, and moderated Q&As. Interacting with a celebrity can be a once in a lifetime encounter for event attendees, and can be a part of your virtual event that would never occur in the real world.

Celebrities can be hired for a wide range of prices, depending on who they are and what they are being asked to do. A clever cost-saver is to schedule your event during a celebrity’s promotional cycle. Many celebrities will make appearances to promote their own projects, making your event a part of a publicity tour. In the past, booking a celebrity was expensive with costs including artist and agency fees, entourage travel, hotel rooms, and catering – along with the additional expenses associated with providing quality sound, lights, staging, labor, etc. Scheduling was always a serious factor in arranging a high-end guest speaker. With the move to the virtual world, these deterrents to hiring top talent are gone.

But, other than the surprise factor, just having a celebrity make an appearance isn’t enough. To successfully incorporate celebrity talent into your next virtual event, consider the following options:

  • the celebrity could act as an emcee,  introducing the event, other speakers, and doing a final wrap-up;
  • keep attendees’ attention by holding one-on-one conversations with your star during virtual breaks. Choose fun, non-controversial topics;
  • have attendees submit questions to the celebrity with the goal of including the maximum number of short interactions;
  •  hold a ‘fireside chat’ led by a moderator that includes your company’s executives and features customized content; and,
  • have the celebrity speaker talk about an interesting topic such as leadership, teamwork, or overcoming adversity.