Post-event surveys and data analysis are of paramount importance when it comes to calculating ROI and planning for future events. But how can PRE-event surveys and data analysis be of use? Sharing relevant data ahead of the event can help your audience connect with each other and with your content – enriching their experience and adding value to your event.

There are a number of ways to disseminate information prior to your virtual event:

  • use a mobile app with a networking feature that’s pre-populated with key data collected through registration. The data could be geographic, departmental, and/or personal;
  • help your virtual audience members with shared interests easily find each other. Sub-groups with their own chat features and social “rooms” can be created to facilitate communication;
  • use pre-event surveys to take a measure of the audience interest in a given subject matter, and/or their opinions of scheduling. Use the data gathered to modify your event where necessary to improve audience engagement;
  • share the general demographics of your attendee base ahead of time. They might wish to plan smaller, satellite meetings in the real world in future;
  • use a pre-event survey to gather relevant questions and ideas you can address during the event that you might not have considered;
  • provide statistics that give your audience the opportunity to better prepare themselves for the event and be better informed beforehand.

Sample standard pre-event questions include:

  • How did you hear about this event? – give multiple-choice responses with four to five options, including word-of-mouth as well as your major marketing channels;
  • Why did you choose this event? – include as a multiple-choice question and/or an optional comment field;
  • Which speakers/classes/events are you most interested in? – include a list of event offerings; and,
  • Do you have special needs, restrictions, or requirements of which we should be aware? – a mandatory yes/no question with a comment box so respondents can elaborate if necessary.