IBTM World Virtual’s 2020 TechWatch Live finalist awards were recently announced, with many of the finalists presenting solutions to pressing pandemic and virtual-meeting challenges. The finalists were selected based on their products’ innovation, business model, and value to the meetings and events industry, among other factors.

This year’s finalists are:

  • Pubsphere Exhibits – is developing a wearable device that informs attendees nearby to respect and maintain physical distancing. The device can be adjusted to the physical distancing appropriate to your needs. Once the proper distance is set, a breach of distancing will easily be detected by a flashing light without the need of a verbal warning;
  • Troop – a tool which uses big-data analysis to compare different event locations based on travel restrictions and Covid-19 rates, as well as other risk factors;
  • ConsenseIQ – an online-polling tool that allows attendees to engage in deeper dialogue and more effective exploration of dilemmas, problems, and challenges between groups;
  • CLIPr – a video-viewing platform for the events industry that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to enable  searches  of your meeting recordings; and,
  • Socio – an event management platform for virtual, hybrid and in-person events.

“This year was different when it came to the TechWatch entries,” said Dahlia El Gazzar, chief collaborator for IBTM World TechWatch Live 2020. “We were looking for solutions to help … event professionals create more engaging communities and events in the next decade, not only in 2021. Event pros need to look at technology differently and see how it can help them become more resilient no matter what comes their way next, and continue to deliver to all stakeholders.”