Selling your product or service virtually can be challenging. A recent survey of salespeople regarding virtual sales cited two main concerns: gaining buyers’ attention and keeping them engaged; and developing relationships with buyers. There are techniques to make selling just as effective as being in the real world. Try some of these ideas and use the technology to your advantage!

  • Use pre-recorded demos to allow potential customers to view your presentation on their own time and at their own pace;
  • Make it easy for your prospect to respond! Live chat on-site and on your demos will ensure immediate communication, which can greatly up your conversion rates. Easy scheduling tools and add-to-calendar buttons will also increase your interactions with prospects;
  • Marketing emails that appear to come directly from reps – tied in with live chat – will personalize the relationship and make it easy for a prospect to respond;
  • Set up opt-in content notifications to keep prospects and clients in the loop. You can provide opt-in content hubs that enable your prospect to choose what is of interest. These can be refined into personalized content hubs for your key prospects;
  • Choose a strong CRM platform that embeds prospect and account engagement history into your CRM. This will show you how engaged a prospect is and how much time that prospect has spent viewing your content;
  • Include satisfied customers in your videos and webinars;
  • Record calls, with the prospects permission, for easy review; 
  • Automate data entry wherever possible to facilitate the prospects communications/registration; and,
  • Use the available technology to track your metrics: actual sales vs. goal; close rate; sales cycle; and average revenue per new client can all be quantified and contained in a dashboard.