Sponsoring a virtual event can go well beyond simply providing items for a virtual swag bag or hosting a virtual happy hour. Here are some ways to integrate your sponsors into the event in meaningful ways:

Sponsors can partner with you to create a full session, or participate as a co-presenter. This can work particularly well when the sponsor has a new product or service that addresses a specific challenge to the community being served by the conference. They may be a keynote speaker, participate in a speaker panel, or attend a break-out session as a special guest.

Virtual events lend themselves to gathering data from attendees, through polling, tracking engagement, etc. Your sponsor may be able to benefit from this information, and may have specific metrics in mind. Some metrics sponsors benefit from include: 

  • sponsor page sessions – the total number of times attendees visited the sponsor’s page;
  • impressions – how many times the sponsor’s banner or content was displayed during your event and whether it was clicked on or not;
  • CTR – Clickthrough rate  – tells the sponsor how effective their banner was at getting viewers’ attention;
  • Cost per click – the total amount of the sponsor’s investment divided by the total number of content clicks; and,
  • Views – the total number of times attendees watched the sponsor’s video.

Give your sponsors the opportunity to create pre-recorded video sessions. These can be video advertisements shown between sessions with options for requesting further information or scheduling a product/service demo. Pre-recorded video interviews can also be used as intros to sessions or – if conducted in an informal manner – even entertainment during breaks. 

Sponsoring tickets for specific segments of attendee demographics is another way for sponsors to engage with a new audience. It can create a win-win situation, as it allows  a group to participate who would not have been able to otherwise.