Call For Expertise

The Digital Engagement Council invites you to contribute your expertise to our foundation community training program for engagement professionals. The course offers a comprehensive understanding of online event design, production, and marketing of conception through execution for event organizers of all skill levels.

Connect with experts (or team of experts) for each of our course practice areas:

  • Articulating Your Value Proposition: Identifying potential audience; articulating focus problems or opportunities; listing key benefits of event participation; articulating what makes an event unique; defining overall event strategy, and establishing metrics for success.
  • Assembling Your Team: Identifying key stakeholders; defining required/desired skill sets, defining team roles and responsibilities, knowing when and how to grow the team, and establishing communication/reporting protocols.
  • Designing the Attendee Experience: Balancing educational and social programming; recommending session delivery types; defining event registration strategies; designing opportunities for engagement and feedback; crafting a consistent theme; and creating a comprehensive event experience guide.
  • Building Out the Program: Detailing out session types and tracks; developing a call for speakers/proposals; navigating speaker/presenter contracts; establishing speaker/presenter communication and support services; balancing event programming, and enabling networking opportunities.
  • Establishing a Fee Structure: Estimating an operating budget; setting event pricing; defining tiered pricing on vendor/exhibitor sponsorship opportunities; and taking steps to ensure a profitable event.
  • Selecting the Right Platform/Partner: Developing an event platform requirements document; designing and facilitating an RFQ; evaluating and selecting platforms, technologies, and support services; and determining when to partner with an external team.
  • Defining Vendor/Sponsor Opportunities: Articulating benefits to prospective sponsors; setting sponsorship rates and tier levels; and establishing potential sponsorship partners and networks.
  • Attracting an Audience: Crafting a consistent theme/narrative; providing avenues for event promotion; establishing expectations for attendees; advertising on social media and other networks; and developing promotional materials.
  • Producing the Event: Creating an event production support network; detailing out and coordinating an event production plan; managing speaker and attendee support services; establishing and testing back-up plans; using data analytics to inform real-time decisions, and making it all happen!
  • Sustaining Relationships: Building opportunities for continuous engagement; finding sustainable revenue streams; following up on digital footprints; and exploring community engagement models.

Compensation for developing content for one course practice areas is $750. In addition to compensation, we will market the course and provide free promotion to over 100K opt-in subscribers.

Our learning design team will work with you, the subject matter expert, to develop course materials in alignment with effective practices in the digital events industry. We welcome your expertise and look forward to exploring this opportunity with you.

Please confirm your interest by completing the form below.

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