Exhibiting at a virtual event can be challenging, but there are also a great many opportunities available. Whether your exhibitors are there to provide information, or to sell their product or service, there are a number of ways you – as the event organizer – can guide them towards success.

Setting up the virtual booth

A virtual booth needs to be as visual as possible – featuring pictures, logos, and posters. Consistent branding is key, and strong visuals that represent what the exhibitor does will attract attendees. To make interaction more accessible and personable, have profiles and photos of booth staff.

Survey attendees

A pre-event survey can be sent out to assess which products and services will interest attendees, and then pair them with the relevant exhibitors. A scheduling app can facilitate short meetings ro be held outside of the booth – whether before, during, or after the event.

The exhibitor profile page

Encourage exhibitors to demonstrate their product online. They can livestream their demonstration or incorporate a pre-recorded video into their profile. Are there ways the exhibitor can be creative with these demos? Virtual reality or gamificaton can make more interactive sessions.

Use social media

Social media can be used to feature exhibitors. Send out information about promotional offers or upcoming live sessions to keep attendees connected to the exhibitors.


Attendees can be eligible to win prizes for visiting different booths or attending their sessions. Exhibitors can host a challenge relating to their company on each of their profiles.

Virtual workshops

Holding a virtual workshop ensures an interested audience as pre-registration is usually required.

Exhibition Hours

Rather than having booths available throughout the event, consider have set exhibition hours. This will enable your exhibitors to better staff their virtual booths and prioritize visiting the booths in attendees’ minds.


Leave exhibitor profiles open during the weeks after the event to allow attendees to easily contact them.