A mobile event app that coincides with your event website can help make your event more experiential and interactive. Apps can enhance attendee engagement by promoting professional networking, knowledge-building, interaction through social media feeds, gamification and live Q&As, note taking, and conducting surveys and polls.

A personalized app experience has the ability to:

  • provide speaker profiles and bios;
  • use in-app messaging to enable attendees to introduce themselves. And save conversations;
  • schedule appointments with exhibitors, sponsors, or other attendees in advance of the event;
  • segment attendees into groups, based on interest, physical location, etc.;
  • send personalized event content to attendee groups such as VIPs, leadership, and event staff. Such content could include as a special discounts, private sessions with speakers, and event updates;
  • display personalized schedules and allow attendees to share the information; and,
  • view and export contact information that has been exchanged with other attendees during the event.

Featured sponsors and exhibitors can place their logos on the app where they can be clicked on by interested attendees. Rotating banner ads are able to link to content within the app or to outside URLs – and impressions and clicks may be tracked.

Prior to the event, the mobile app can increase attendee interest by featuring new presenters and announcing sessions in real-time. During the event it can provide instant results from Q&A sessions and polling. After the event, sending a personalized summary will establish the event in attendees minds. It’s also an excellent time to present a post-event survey in order to collect feedback.

Importantly, the event mobile app enables the event organizers to analyze key performance indicators such as push notification activity, detailed page views, viewed content counts, and the number of activities added to personal schedules –  allowing them to measure the success of the event.