Virtual event platforms continue to fine-tune their features as we continue to offer more and more types of events virtually. Many of these new features reflect the shift to hybrid events, with the goal of creating a seamless and equitable experience. Here are some updates as of the first quarter of 2021.

Aventri las launched its Aventri Virtual Events 2.0 for interactive virtual and hybrid events. The new virtual networking suite uses AI-driven matchmaking and smart recommendations to promote attendee interaction. Their mobile event app has been revamped to support  digital-only, in-person-only, and hybrid events. The apps’ virtual and mobile solutions work in sync to deliver a unified experience for in-person and online attendees;

XSplit has a new application called XSplit Presenter. The tool – which is currently in beta – enhances presentations by annotating slides, adding videos, and using the green-screen tool to allow the presenter to appear in front of their slides like a tv weatherman. The presenter has the ability to select and add specific windows or applications to a presentation without needing to share the entire screen, thus maintaining privacy. XSplit Presenter works with presentation tools such as PowerPoint and Google Slides and integrates with the majority of meeting solutions;

eventPower’s Virtual Event Experience tool now enables clients to host a virtual poster hall as part of a virtual, hybrid, or in-person event. The feature uses one portal for invitations to poster presenters, collection of poster presentations, and management of both in-person and virtual components. The virtual poster session can include pre-recorded presentations, ePoster pdf files, live Q&A with poster presenters, public poster chat, and meeting requests; and,

EventsAIR is launching OnAIR v5, a hybrid-event solution which allows clients to customize exhibition halls in 3D.