A number of new technologies are available for virtual/hybrid events:


Metavenue is a digital platform that mixes AR experiences with an organization’s mission and messaging. The customizable platform offers a 4D, 360-degree immersive environment that promises to increase attendee engagement by enabling virtual set interaction, mixing real-life and digital experiences. Their technology can be delivered on multiple platforms at once and enable cross platform interaction.


Shindig is a virtual event platform which features a virtual lobby where participants can meet, network, and conduct private business. Designed for both virtual and hybrid events, it allows free-form interactions similar to those at an in-person event. It also enables in-person guests to communicate with online participants via their mobile phones.

“Working the room, running into an old friend, being casually introduced to a mutual contact or opportunistically pulling someone aside who has a free moment are the types of in-person networking opportunities that Shindig now creates online,” said CEO and founder Steve Gottlieb. “We have brought all the spontaneity and serendipity of in-person networking to the virtual experience.”


e-DestinAccess is an event and meeting technology provider with a new end-to-end solution for planners. Its user-friendly platform ‘DestinDIY’ can help planners at every level of experience to manage all aspects of meetings and events of any size. It includes an intuitive digital tool that can manage bookings and handle electronic proposals, online registration, transportation scheduling, financial forecasting, and integration with services such as HotelPlanner, Flyus, Carey International, Tiqets and Quickbooks.


Sonic Foundry recently introduced Mediasite 8 – a new tool for managing complex video content at virtual and hybrid events. Its new features include more efficient video storage, smaller file sizes, accessibility updates, new integrations with video conferencing systems and an enhanced user experience with a new player and editor.

 “Over the past year, video communications adoption has taken an unprecedented leap forward. Video is now pervasive, accessible and convenient to everyone worldwide daily,” said Joe Mozden Jr., CEO of Sonic Foundry. “The latest release of Mediasite … is the culmination of our efforts to open our platform further to content coming in during the pandemic, expand interoperability with third-party platforms and foster customization for our users.”