Northern York County Regional Police in Pennsylvania have leased a 3D virtual-reality training system from Wrap Technologies, the parent company of Wrap Reality

Wrap Reality’s “full immersion” virtual-reality training system creates the sensation of being in an alley, a living room, or a car stop. It allows officers to look behind them, above them, and side to side to give 360-degree situational awareness. The program responds to the trainees’ actions and then modifies its scenarios based on those actions. More than one officer can use the system at a time, and training scenarios include traffic stops, active-shooter calls, domestic disputes, home-invasion calls, and shooting-range programs. In the virtual reality scenarios, officers are able to use whatever they would normally have on their belts, such as guns, pepper spray, and BolaWraps. BolaWraps are nonlethal restraint devices, also produced by Wrap Technologies. 

“It’s a three-dimensional environment, so you can look around corners,” said Ethan Moeller, the vice president of WRAP Reality. “You can get down and look under a vehicle if you want to. You can take cover behind that vehicle.”

After training sessions, the program analyzes what actions the officers took and provides information including the timeline of the scenario, the number of shots officers fired, the number of bullets that hit their targets, and how many missed their target.

“Our community partners have paid over 90% of the cost,” Chief of Police Dave Lash said. “I think it shows that Northern Regional Police has great community support and is well respected in our community. … They recognized the value and importance of this project and got behind officers to provide them with state-of-the-art training.”