Online energizers are a great way to keep your remote attendees focused and engaged. It can be difficult to keep a team involved in an online meeting as it can be easy for them to become disengaged or distracted. Varying the methods or exercises used in conveying information will help to maintain the pace of the virtual presentation – such as encouraging small group discussions after leading a training session. Online energizers that emphasize different skills, doing physical activity, and having fun can inject energy into a group and be an effective way of creating an enjoyable and productive experience.

The best energizers are designed to infuse energy and provide counterpoint. Look at  your agenda to assess the nature of the meeting, and then use activities that will be most effective in creating balance. For example, an information-heavy workshop might benefit from an exercise that is non-verbal or physical in nature.

Some examples of online energizers include:

  • Story telling – the facilitator starts the exercise with the first line of a story: “Once upon a time, there were 5 engineers locked in a room…” The first line can be related to the theme of the meeting, or just something fun. Participants take turns adding to the story until everyone has contributed;
  • Three wishes – participants are asked to choose three wishes and discuss them with the group. You can have them post an image or website link to represent their wishes, or use a whiteboard to draw them;
  • The Time Machine –  this can be an open group discussion about each participants’ favorite time period. An online whiteboard or Google Doc can be used to post images, GIFs, or links that best illustrate their chosen time period.