With the on-going pandemic crisis, some event planners have been motivated to incorporate team activities that promote a sense of purpose and social responsibility. These Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects can help participants connect with each other and with the community, while also promoting the sponsoring corporation’s brand and image. Some companies who offer these types of initiatives include:

Impact 4 Good

Impact 4 Good offers a wide range of socially conscious activities for both virtual and real-world events. Some of their current offerings include: 


MeetGreen focuses on offering event management services that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. When organizing social activities they seek projects which are “… connected to what a group does, what they are committed to and how they think.” For the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association meeting, they organized a Fishing Tournament and Riverbank Cleanup where teams competed in a catch-and-release fishing contest and also collected trash from the shoreline and riverbed. 

Odyssey Teams

Odyssey Teams offers a number of CSR programs. Their signature event – Helping Hands – has remote or live participants building prosthetic hands from kits.

“With face-to-face events coming back, organizations can give participants a heartfelt experience by helping others through a CSR project,” said Nancy Zavada, founder/president of MeetGreen. “The need is even greater than ever before for underserved communities. Imagine the opportunity, people helping people toward a better future.”