Many organizations are made up of employees, associates, and clients located in multiple time zones. It’s important to plan your virtual meeting with this in mind and there are multiple tools available to help.

It’s unlikely that every time zone will be pleased with their meeting time. Keep a record of each meeting time so you can rotate the time with every meeting so everyone has an equal opportunity for the most and least convenient times to meet.

These meeting planning tools can help you compare the different time zones to find the best compromise:

  • World Meeting Planner – this app can compare up to eight time zones simultaneously. It also color codes times to indicate general working hours (green), normal sleeping hours (red), and general non-working hours (yellow) – making it visually easier to identify the right time slot;
  • Every Time Zone – Every Time Zone uses a slider tool that allows you to easily shift the time to compare how it corresponds to the time in other cities;
  • The World Clock Meeting Planner – allows you to type in the locations for participants and a date and it generates a time-zone chart for that day; and,
  • ScheduleOnce -helps you schedule meetings with customers by displaying meeting options that are in their time zones and within their working hours. It Integrates with video conferencing apps, such as Zoom and GoToMeeting.