The “coming soon” landing page – a temporary landing page that’s announcing a new product or service – is an integral part of promoting your virtual event. Whether you are announcing the transition to virtual from real-life, or creating a new event for your company or organization, the coming soon page is the beginning of the relationship between you and your customer.

In designing the page, avoid generic maintenance mode templates. These are, in essence, meaningless and can easily be ignored. The coming soon page has two goals: to pique interest and to create a call to action. Focus on creating a headline and a short description that tells the viewer why this coming event is important to them and what they need to do next. Calls to action can include email submission, OR downloading an ebook or other document, OR registering for an event. Unlike an event page, you don’t want multiple forms or requirements – one simple action is enough to start generating a dialogue.

A splash page that appears before the user leaves your page can also help trigger a response. Inserting a countdown clock can increase your conversion rate as it lends immediacy to the event. Add social media buttons to make it easy for the event announcement to be shared. Be sure your coming soon page is accessible from mobile devices. Incentives for submitting an email will also increase your conversion rate – these can be free ebooks, discounts, or some type of virtual swag.

Along with creating your coming soon page, be sure to have your follow-up well planned in advance. Schedule your emails to keep the dialogue going, perhaps send interested parties your regular newsletters, press releases, etc.