For employers, virtual career fairs offer benefits such as an increase in their reach and an enhanced return on investment. For job seekers, virtual career fairs can be  cost-effective, time-saving, and convenient. As a job seeker, there are ways to enhance your experience at a virtual career fair.

As with any job search, whether virtual or in real life, preparation is important. First, and most importantly, make sure to test your internet prior to attending the fair. Also, as silly as it may sound, dress for a real life event. You may have a video chat with a potential employer, but – even if you don’t – it makes a difference! Practice using the video camera and sound system you have on your system. Have a conversation with a friend to be sure you are comfortable and present yourself at your best.

In preparing for the job search, make a shortlist of the companies you are interested in speaking with and prepare specific questions for the representatives of those companies. Research the event landing page  – it may list available jobs, mention speakers and presenters you can google, and can aid you in customizing your CV. Some websites will lead to an external site where you can complete an application and submit your CV prior to the event.

At the event, take advantage of the communication platforms available – whether text, audio, or video chat. Use your prepared questions and be prepared to answer any questions you are asked.

Be sure to attend any webinars offered by companies of interest. Companies use webinars to reach out to potential candidates, communicate what the company stands for, and conduct Q&A sessions.

Potential employers will often create a resource center where you can download e-books, brochures, presentation notes, etc. These can help you in assessing the company, asking relevant questions, being prepared to answer any questions you receive, and follow-up after the conference.

After the event, send thank you notes to the employers with whom you interacted. This will help reinforce the relationship and can give you the opportunity to ask further questions and for another appointment.