You can publish pre-recorded or live video content on the LinkedIn platform. For live Q&A sessions or live streams you must complete an application and be approved to be a broadcaster. To upload a pre-recorded video, simply go to your status box and upload a file you’ve created.

There are a number of benefits to publishing you webinar on LinkedIn:

  • targeted audience –  you can cater content to the audiences that are following your brand or account on the platform;
  • more exposure – LinkedIn uses algorithms that show users a feed with diversified content from users in their networks;
  • increased following – your videos can be shared and commented on which can help spread them to the audience’s own links; and,
  • co-branding opportunities – you can partner with a non-competitor to help promote each other. Conduct a Q&A session with an expert or co-produce a webinar.

Use the “LinkedIn Status Update” (also called your “Network Update”) in your LinkedIn Profile – it’s one of the best ways to stay in front of your target audience on a consistent basis. Words that grab the reader’s attention will encourage them to click the link for your webinar. It’s recommended to include “Add to Calendar” links in webinar invites and also having automated email reminders for people who have signed up. A reminder 30 minutes prior to a live webinar can greatly increase participation.

Promote your webinar in relevant LinkedIn Groups and through “Company Updates” in the weeks and days leading up to the event in order to build awareness. Paid promotions include LinkedIn Sponsored Content and Sponsored InMail.