Seattle-based Read AI has developed a real-time shared dashboard which uses artificial intelligence, computer vision, and natural language processing to measure the interest levels of participants in virtual meetings. Currently, the dashboard is available as a free service on Zoom through Google Calendar integration. 

Called ‘Read Dashboard,’ it provides real-time graphs and meters that show if one or more people are dominating the conversation, if people seem bored, not paying attention, or if people seem happy or sad about what is being said. The metrics provided include:

  • Active Read – a combination of sentiment and engagement, it gives insights into how the call is going;
  • Sentiment – using both the video and audio features of the meeting, it measures positive and negative reactions from participants;
  • Engagement – again using visual and audio features, it is a measure of how attentive participants are in the meeting; and, 
  • Talk Time – measures the amount that each meeting attendee is speaking as a percentage of time.

When activated, Read Dashboard appears as a meeting participant, notifying attendees and providing the option to opt-out at any time. The company has plans to  add platforms in the future, such as WebEx, Teams and Google Meet – along with providing integrations with other digital sites, such as Facebook and Apply Glass. 

Read AI notes that even with the return of workers to the physical world, hybrid situations are most likely here to stay.

“There’s going to be a disconnect where the people that are remote are going to feel not part of the conversation,” David Shim, Co-Founder and CEO, said. “In that aspect, you need to make it easier to read the room. If you’re not sitting in that conference room, you can’t pick up all the people’s emotions, their sentiment. So these types of tools will go a long way in terms of making that conversation more equal and equitable.”