Team building is especially important in the virtual world. Injecting fun and creating bonding activities helps the members get to know each other, can help elevate a workshop, and can create a more cohesive team. When working in isolation, virtual meetings may often be the only time your team sees and speaks to one another directly. Team building exercises can also encourage participants to speak up and engage, giving them greater confidence using the virtual format.

When running these exercises, take the time to clearly tell participants what they need to do and answer any questions. Setting timers and reminders is also important to keep the exercise energized, but still on track.

Some of examples of virtual team building exercises include:

  • A virtual scavenger hunt – have a timed contest where participants find videos, images, etc – perhaps based around the meetings’ theme. For example, if you were originally supposed to be meeting in New Orleans this year – but are virtual instead – remote attendees could search for Cajun recipes, zydeco music clips, etc;
  • Make use of your online whiteboard – play versions of Pictionary or picture dictation – where one person has to draw something based on the prompts from participants who know what it’s supposed to be;
  • The desert island – this energizer is designed to help participants collaborate and demonstrate creative thinking and decision making skills. Divide participants into small groups and have them come up with a list of 5 items that they would consider essential on a desert island. Have them list the 5 items and justify each one. After presenting their lists to the group as a whole, have them narrow it down to 3 items.

Be sure to have virtual prizes for the winners! These can include gift certificates, online subscriptions, etc.