On-line yoga sessions have become increasingly popular during virtual and hybrid events as they offer participants a soothing 30-minute break in an event’s schedule, letting them move away from the desk, clear their minds, and re-energize. 

There are a number of US-based companies and independent yoga instructors offering virtual yoga classes and relaxation techniques available for live, virtual, and hybrid gatherings. Some examples include:

Love & Asana

Love & Asana provides corporate group yoga programs via Zoom – with single sessions for $150 and a three-session package for $375. Sessions can accommodate up to 500 participants. 

“Yoga is a great way to break up hours of content by offering attendees ways to move and relax without separating from the event,” says owner and yoga coach Tiffany Lord. “…sessions can be customized to complement the theme of your event so the yoga feels cohesive with the program. Virtual workshops on stress management and mobility can also be helpful educational components for attendees and offer a ‘bonus’ in the event program to address physical and mental health.”


YogaHub offers on-site wellness sessions – along with virtual and hybrid options.  They offer a range of session types, including yoga, meditation, nutrition, coaching, and fitness. They can accommodate groups of any size for both virtual and in-person sessions, with rates starting at $295 for a single 60-minute live virtual class for up to 50 participants. 

“Yoga is the perfect antidote to screen fatigue and pain from habitual chair posture,” says YogaHub founder and CEO Ali Singer. “We have classes such as Eye Yoga, Stand & Stretch, Guided Meditation and Restorative Yoga, which specifically address the tensions created from sitting at a computer for an extended period of time. Yoga has been proven to increase focus, boost energy, and improve mood, amongst countless other benefits. Our experiences provide the physical breaks people need to remain engaged in and enjoy your events.” 

Koya Webb

Koya Webb can lead as many as 1,000 participants at a time for virtual corporate events, with rates starting at $5,000 US. 

“Virtual yoga allows people the comfort of flowing in their own space so it reduces comparison and judgment,” says holistic health coach, Koya Webb. “Yoga helps people leave the stress of the day behind so they can focus on the event.”