Printed material still has a role to play within the virtual world. Incorporating print material into your virtual meetings and events can be an effective way to keep your audience engaged and fully informed.

Studies have shown that people are more likely to understand information when read on paper. Event organizers have received positive feedback when they provide a printed program – particularly if the event covers a few days and involves multiple tracks/workshops/speakers, etc. Participants – especially those new to working online – found it easier to navigate their way through the event, ensuring that they participated in the events of their choice.

A mailed virtual event swag bag or conference packet is an easy way to provide participants with printed material. This could include a program, a book from a speaker, and/or brochures from exhibitors. Company brochures can include services or products offered, new announcements, and company overviews. The swag bag can also include business cards, postcards, magnets, or any additional marketing materials that will give attendees a way to contact you after the conference. A conference booklet can be created to include the program, places for note taking, contact information, game sheets for any contests being run, and virtual happy hour information.

If your event is regularly held – or had initially been scheduled –

in a certain city,  consider contacting the city’s convention/tourist bureau for pamphlets about sites and tours. We can all dream about future travel!

Another print consideration for a virtual event is signage and banners. They provide branding and give the virtual conference a cohesive feel. They can be sent to keynote speakers beforehand with instructions on how to hang banners or signage during their online presentation.