Attendee engagement is always an area of focus during virtual events, and there are ways to encourage this communication to continue with a post-event follow-up campaign. These campaigns not only keep your organization in attendees’ minds, they encourage community building.

  • A post-event webpage can serve as a gateway to your post-event campaign. Key takeaways and highlights from your event can be posted – including a message of thanks, photographs, and event statistics. This is also another opportunity for sponsorship;
  • Published post-event content, including blogs and whitepapers, are an important resource for attendees that exist long after the event is over;
  • Use social media to keep communication channels active. Post video clips of speakers and panels, and quotes in the form of tweets;
  • Use surveys to get feedback from your attendees to help you plan future events. You can have attendees rate their experience from 1 to 5 for each question on your list,  and give attendees some extra space to add their own comments;
  • Create attendee groups  and sub-groups on social media to give attendees a place to keep in touch and interact;
  • A virtual swag bag can not only be given to attendees before the event but also afterwards! It can include links to private content, discounts on sponsors and exhibitors products or services, and more; and,
  • Send messages to no-shows, and direct them to your post-event page.

You, along with your sponsors and exhibitors, should consider making a post-event follow-up campaign an important part of your sales cycle. The virtual world provides us with many great opportunities to continue interactions with event participants long after the scheduled event is over.