With the growing popularity of video conference calls, more and more add-ons are being created to enhance the experience:

  • Grain can capture content in video calls, save it, and then share it across different platforms – such as Twitter, Slack, Discord, etc. You can use it to flag the most important parts of your meeting, edit the content, transcribe content into clips, and enable closed captions.
  • Prezi Video has presentation software that helps you create visual content with an online editor, import your existing PowerPoint slides, and then allows you to put both you and your content on the screen simultaneously.
  • Luma is a free tool that helps you create a customized event invitation page with a headline, image, content, and RSVP function.
  • Hypermeet lets you create a virtual avatar that can be used in your calls. It uses facial recognition technology to capture facial expression in real-time to create a dynamic 3D avatar.
  • Actionable Backgrounds allows you to add basic information and the logo of your company in the background of Zoom calls. Most importantly, it lets you generate a QR code supporting content for your audience.
  • Zoombackground.io is a free, crowd-sourced background image directory with a number of categories from which to choose.
  • Q-nomy enables businesses to manage video appointments. You can schedule calls, handle unscheduled calls; queue calls and route them to agents, and monitor waiting and service times.
  • Loomielive provides pre-loaded avatars, or you can create your own, along with custom backgrounds and animations. The company states that using an avatar allows you to maintain privacy, brand yourself and/or your organization, and reduce Zoom fatigue.