The keynote speaker can be integral in setting the tone of your event – informing, inspiring, and entertaining attendees – and there are a number of advantages in having a virtual presentation. Speaker bureaus have noted that, in the past, access to keynote speakers was limited to approximately the top 10% of organizations, but now – with virtual events – they are accessible to all employees. Speaker bureaus are often able to field last-minute requests and have been known to place (or replace) a speaker at a moment’s notice.

Taping some parts of the presentation in advance can be helpful in providing a general introduction. They can quickly capture the audiences’ attention, help set the tone of the event, and reinforce the brand. As they can be more fully staged, and editing can be applied before they are broadcast to the audience, it gives presenters the opportunity to show themselves in the best way possible, particularly if they are new to this type of communication. If a presentation is lengthy, interspersing live with taped presentations will give the speakers a break and break up the presentation into more palatable portions. A live Q&A is still ideal and can be appended in real time to an otherwise pre-recorded presentation.

The presentation can be livestreamed from any location – moving away from the dais onstage. Appropriate settings for each message being conveyed can be matched to the message. For example, a municipal report on a current construction project can take place on-site.

A hybrid or fully virtual event gives you the opportunity to incorporate more diverse speakers from offices around the world, without the costs of flying them in, scheduling conflicts, travel restrictions, etc.