Virtual reality (VR) can bring the excitement of experiential events to the digital world. With the use of VR, you can take attendees on tours, have them explore a virtual trade show, or give them a product or service demo.

In opening a digital event, you can help emulate real-world social interactions by using VR as an icebreaker. Team building exercises and business activities aimed at strengthening goals help create a strategic focus for the event. Off-the-shelf VR puzzles and games are readily available for this.

VR is a very cost effective training platform, creating simulations that feel real to the user. It provides an effective vehicle for learning new applications, technologies, and training on new products or services.

Some questions to ask yourself and your team when considering VR:

  • will using VR equipment help you attract and meet more contacts at your digital trade show booth?;
  • could VR take your attendees to a location you are talking about – whether real or in the planning process –  giving them a virtual tour?; and,
  • would your team gain a deeper understanding of their training?

To film in VR requires a virtual reality camera and tripod, plus a computer and VR editing tools to create the final presentation. Every event participant must have a VR headset. A good solution is to send all registrants an affordable VR headset, such as Google Cardboard that they can use with their smartphone.

AltSpace is a free VR social tool that provides meeting spaces and social hubs for people to connect and meet across the world. It is available on Vive, GearVR, Oculus devices, WMR and 2D mode on PC.